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Technology Assessment and Implementation


 Information technology is an incredibly important aspect of modern business. You will increasingly have to depend on your technology more than you anticipate. Businesses must continually navigate through the ever-changing environment of technology requiring careful evaluation of each new product and how it may relate to your profitability. Some organizations have raised the white flag and turned their technology decisions to someone else. That arrangement has its own advantages and pitfalls! In an ideal world, you should automate as much as reasonable (not as much as possible!) to better serve your customers.

So the question is: What is the optimal blend of technology and how will it reduce costs, increase sales and customer satisfaction without the excessive expense?

Answer: It’s different for every business!

How will Comprehensive View help us?

You need to assess your current technology as it applies to current and future business needs; perform 'gap analysis' to develop a clear path to improve and maintain business profitability. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it sounds!
We can help. With a careful assessment of your current situation coupled with your future plans, we can identify and bridge the gaps that will hold you back.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Understand what it is that you already own – what it can do and what it cannot do

  • Methods to mitigate the weaknesses in your current technology to gain a competitive edge

  • How to avoid being trapped by obsolete or poorly supported technology

  • Learn about untapped tools that will allow your business to grow faster

  • Advance your business using technology to surpass startups and competitors

  • Avoid the worst situation that has driven others out of business

  • Be able to confidently manage the purchase, testing, and use of new technology

  • Enjoy personal access to experienced implementation managers who are looking out for your best interests

  • Someone who can guide you so you are in control of your technology that will do what you need it to do

A common complaint

Many businesses who have contacted vendors for solutions find they are offered everything the vendor has including the kitchen sink! Some of the software features are relevant others are simply not. Every software package is different and vendors view their roles differently. They may charge high fees for asking the simplest questions that should be intuitive in their software. Others may charge similarly high monthly fees for supporting outdated systems. Some charge both!

Since practically every modern business that exists has to use technology in some way, managing technology and support is more important than ever before.

Points to consider:

  • You must control technology or it will control (& cost) you

  • Proper use of technology is an ongoing process – you cannot buy and forget

  • Your data is sacred – use it effectively and protect it

  • You must manage 3rd party providers to avoid duplication and software conflicts

  • Customer knowledge is the key to survival – if you don’t know who they are, you’re in trouble

  • You must be able to monitor sales and marketing effectiveness and be able to quickly adjust accordingly

What needs to be done?

Technology can be complex and frustrating. The truth is you can not compete without it as it affects every area of your organization. Our goal is to make you comfortable and be in control. We help you stay on top of your technology assets and ensure they provide the maximum in productivity.

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